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Spay and Neuter Reno

Spaying and neutering your pets can actually aid in uncontrollable population growth. In addition, it can decrease the homelessness crisis resulting in millions of cats and dogs being subjected to euthanasia. Spay and Neuter Reno will explain some of the medical benefits.

  • The life span of your female pet will be extended. Spaying restricts UTI and breast tumors of which are malignant or cancerous in nature. Spaying your pet prior to having the first heat is the best protection from diseases.
  • It prevents testicular cancer and some prostate problems for neutered male pets.

Behavioral benefits

  • Your spayed female pets will not experience going into heat. Cycles may vary among female cats. In averting this crisis, they will just urinate most of the time.
  • Your neutered dog won’t wander off. Dogs who are not neutered will find a mate. They can come up with ways on how to get away. Once escaped, chances of having accidents may occur.
  • Neutered males are well-behaved. Dogs and cats who are not neutered will end up marking their territory through urination and will have a strong smell. The incidents of getting mounted will be minimized if they are neutered early. In addition, the sense of aggression will dwindle.

Spay and Neuter Reno will ensure that spaying or neutering your pets is practical because having the surgery is far less than the cost of having and caring for a mess.


  • Spaying or neutering your pets can cause weight changes. Overfeeding and not exercising will cause weight gain without surgery. Keep in mind to feed them properly and have enough walks.
  • Neutering is not an instant remedy to behavioral problems. On the contrary, neutering your pet can lead to minimizing undesirable behaviors due to elevated testosterone. There is no assurance that the behavior will change after the procedure. Yes, surgery can minimize the testosterone in your dog’s system; the testosterone won’t be completely eradicated. Neutering will not eliminate behaviors that are habitual.

When to do the procedure

  • Dogs. As early as eight weeks old as long as they are healthy. There is a possibility for adult dogs, but, chances of developing postoperative complications are much higher. Unhealthy dogs or overweight dogs are also susceptible.
  • Cats. As early as eight weeks old. Kittens are sterilized before getting adopted in animal shelters. This is to put off the spraying of urine and remove the instances of pregnancy. It’s also possible to spay a cat who is in heat.

Inquire with your spay and neuter clinic Reno or with your veterinarian for the ideal time for the procedure.

Preoperative and postoperative care

Your spay and neuter clinic Reno will give preoperative counseling before the procedure that you should adhere to. Don’t feed your pets post-midnight before the procedure. As for puppies and kittens, they should have adequate nutrition. Ask your veterinarian which foods are contraindicated.

After surgery, the veterinarian will give some health teachings for you to follow. However, your pets might experience pain and discomfort post-surgery. Your veterinarian will help in managing the pain and discomfort depending on the situation. Here are some things to remember when caring for your pets after surgery

  • Provide a conducive environment for rest and recovery
  • No heavy activities for the next two weeks
  • Make sure your pets don’t lick the incision site. Provide treats for distraction or applying an Elizabeth collar
  • No baths for ten days
  • Monitor the progression of healing

If you notice something different, contact your veterinarian. There might be some changes you notice, such as lethargy, loss of appetite, or diarrhea; quickly go to the nearest animal clinic or call your veterinarian.

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